Five passionate creatives joining together to create a disruption in the force.

The turn of the millennium feels like a long time ago when we were forging our young careers in advertising, digital media and photography amongst some of the best in the business.

Together we collaborated on hundreds of projects and put our names on many innovative campaigns and digital masterpieces. It dawned that a dream team had been formed and in 2021 we joined forces to create Cobalt Create.


Time has prepared us for this moment, we’re experienced digital creatives with a full-service offering. We provide the tools to achieve your goals and target your audience.

Hire us, we’ll execute a creative strategy and blow competitors out of the water to deliver outstanding results.


Impactive automotive photography and image creation

Nottingham Children’s Hospital

Brave, unorthodox brand design, illustration and animation, supporting fundraising campaigns


Branding Design coupled with powerful composite onsite photography

Hillside Leisure

Brand reimagination, social media positioning and film creation

Shiny Brewery

Bold, innovative packaging design and disruptive creative

IG Doors

Strategic identity redesign, Impactful marketing and communications

Lilly O’Brien’s

Engaging seasonal online campaigns, increased brand awareness


Strategic rebranding, reimagined marketing collateral, powerful animation and photography

Our team has produced results for amazing companies across multiple sectors.

We’ve had the pleasure of providing our range of services to hundreds of companies over the years. From exciting startups to massive corporations we love them all!

Personal but professional, we pride ourselves on being friendly but authoritative in what we know so well. Our clients trust us to take the lead and provide suggestions and solutions based on our creative heritage.

Beer Metropolis

Experienced Creative Team

Our ability to deliver strategically disruptive creative solutions which embolden our clients’ businesses is a result of our seniors-only team of experts, with design experience stretching over decades.

Richard Mackney

Richard Mackney

Title - Digital & Creative

Digital and web guru with over 30 years experience in web design, digital creation and online marketing

Leigh McAra

Leigh McAra

Title - Photography & Film

Dynamic photographer, film maker and art director with 25 years experience in creating stunning visual content

Geoff Hill

Geoff Hill

Title - Creative & Design

Award-winning creative artist and designer with over 20 years experience in branding, graphics, animation and strategy

Martin Aedy

Martin Aedy

Title - Digital & Web

Development expert with over 20 years experience, delivering solutions using multiple web and mobile programming languages

Paul Hickman

Paul Hickman

Title - Digital & Strategy

Digital and strategy expert, over 30 years experience gleaned from problem-solving for smaller companies through to household names


Experienced digital marketing creatives with exceptional knowledge across technologies. Innovative, dynamic design and brand development. Technically perfect photography, video and animation. Bespoke web design and software applications.